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How I Coped With A Toxic Relationship.

Hi guys! It’s been a minute yh? I’m sorry, there has been a lot going on, I’d most likely film a life update video and post it on my YouTube channel.

Now let’s dive into today’s gist; our guest is Miss Annie and she’s going to be gisting us about how she got out of a toxic relationship. 

I’m really curious about what really went down in the relationship so please give us the full gist. 

Miss Annie: I used to love my ex a whole lot, but then things took a different turn when someone came into the pic, his supposed school daughter. I wasn’t aware he had a “school daughter” at the beginning of the relationship then after a while I started seeing her around and that prompted me to ask him questions. 

I started feeling uncomfortable when I visited him one day and I saw a lady’s dress on his hanger. I was so surprised knowing fully well that he does not have a younger sister. So when I asked him about the dress, he told me that it was for his “school daughter” that she was around the previous day because she had things troubling her and couldn’t sleep alone in her hostel. 

Hehe Wawwwuuuu.. 

 Miss Annie: You know, that event struck  a chord in my heart as my instinct could tell me that it was a lie, but I chose to believe after all (Things love can cause). I moved on but the thoughts kept coming and he told me it’s nothing to worry about. I didn’t sleep in his house all through the relationship, I only visited from time to time and one of his friends kept telling me to ask him about the girl. I asked why he couldn’t tell me the truth since he knows, he claimed ‘Bro Code’. I summoned the courage to ask my ex and the only answer he gave me was that she is his school daughter and he is her confidante. 

Hmmmm bro code, okay. 

Miss Annie: Fast forward to the following year, I was in the same hostel with the lady. I was not even aware until Valentine’s Day. I treat Valentine’s Day like every other day so I was not expecting anything apart from the text I had sent in the morning and I got a ‘Thank You’ reply. My ex came to my hostel with Rice and Chicken and met my absence, and that was because I was just outside the hostel having a conversation with my friend. When I got back, I received what he brought for me and I called to make him understand that I was just outside. He said it was fine and we had a goodnight. 

Few weeks later, I realized his “school daughter” was pregnant and I was so mad, I asked my ex again o… He said he was not responsible for the pregnancy. I moved on again, and we continued our love. Then this lady gave birth and my ex that claimed he was not responsible for the pregnancy will upload the baby’s picture everyday with possessive captions. I mean, who does that when you have a girlfriend? My ex did. 

Men are what again my sister? Scummmmm! 

Miss Annie: Hmmm, as if all that wasn’t enough, I also saw the lady’s name in the acknowledgement page of his project. That got me to the peak and I told him that he will have to choose between myself and the lady. He just kept saying he was not dating the lady. Right then and there, I ended the relationship. I was tired of the lies and emotional black mail. 

Some people might say that I overreacted or that I have been silly to have allowed it to happen for that  long. Before all of these, I had met with his elder brother physically, spoken with his mum over the phone a couple of times. When I was going to break up, I told him I do not want anything to do with him again and that he should just let me be. He kept calling and calling, after a long time, I picked up and he was explaining how the lady was raped and has been attempting suicide because of disgrace, so he had to take up the responsibility and blah blah.

So you went back?

Miss Annie: Nope, I stood my ground and asked why he kept that part away from me all along. He told me it was because he has to keep the lady’s secret. His family got involved and they kept calling too as he had informed them of my decision. I spoke with his eldest brother and he told me to give him some time as he would find out and get back to me. Few weeks later, he actually called me and said ‘If you are my younger sister, I’d advise you to let him (his younger brother) go’ because he asked him to confirm everything I had said earlier and my ex could not make a point.


Miss Annie: This whole experience was not easy as it took a toil in major areas of my life, days of thinking if he actually loved me like he claimed, days of wanting to talk to him but I couldn’t because I couldn’t get his attention, if I call I do the talking and that’s the end. I might have omitted some parts of the story but that relationship is one I’ll never forget in a very long time. He abused me emotionally, he did not care about how I felt and he continued to step on my feelings like it didn’t matter.

It’s so sad that you went through all that. 

 Miss Annie: What if I tell you that I found love again even when I had given up and guess what? It ended in tears again! (hmmm story for another day). 

Mad ooo, that’s crazy. 

Miss Annie: But I love LOVE, I believe everything that has happened previously is part of life and I am not going to ever give up on love but at the same time, I won’t take someone treating me like thrash as an option. Love is beautiful and it actually takes two to tango.

OMG this got me so emotional. I’m glad that you have not given up on love ❤️, don’t worry the right man is coming soon. By the grace of God sis. 

Guysssss!! Drop your comments cos omoooo I don’t know how to end this. 

But please don’t give up on love ?

Till I come your way next time,

Lots of love, 



13 thoughts on “How I Coped With A Toxic Relationship.

  1. Woooow…this story had me at the edge of my seat…men are what again…….

    Love is a beautiful thing if you are with the right person?

  2. Breakfast everywhere…but then love is actually sweet if the parties involved are willing to make it work.

  3. Love is very very beautiful❤, depending on the party you’re sharing it with. Plus men aren’t scum, the real ones are still out there.
    Your ex just chose to be a clown,an heartless being?. He’s a disgrace to himself and not “men” at large?.

    Love is beautiful?! I love love!!!

    May we not be unfortunate????

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