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Long Distance Relationship.


It’s been a minute yh? 

Omo x 1000000

In my last blog post, I gave an update about what I’ve been up to and trust me I’ve been quite busy but guess what? I’m enjoying it, lol, alhamdulillah really. Still can’t believe I’m getting paid for writing *wide grin* 

Now to today’s gist; I’ve been feeling bad that I just went awol and I’ve not been creating content for my blog, yeah I enjoy freelance writing but I really really enjoy gisting with you guys! 

So I came up with, “Gist with Noble” *happy dance* 

Every week, I would feature someone on my blog and we would literally just gist and vibe about anything and everything. Who else is excited? 

On our first episode today, we have Mr Demola gisting us about how he and his Queen have been coping with long distance in their relationship. 

This episode is quite personal and I wanted it to be real so my cousin who is a YouTuber Busayo Anne conducted the “interview”, I just did the editing and structuring and I really enjoyed working on it. 

Cheers to the first episode ??‍♂️

Describe your relationship in 3 words.

Mr Demola: Fun, blissful, sincere. 

For how long have you been in the relationship?

Mr Demola: The relationship would be 10 months on the 23rd of this month ??

Oh nice so how has it been so far?

Mr Demola: Honestly this has been the longest I’ve ever committed myself to any relationship because I usually feel very comfortable being alone. 

But my decision to be committed to this relationship has been the best thing I did this year (I achieved some major milestones this year yet they don’t come close). 

It’s not all rosy and sweet but the effort we both put into being together despite the challenges life throws at us has made it worthwhile and very fun to watch grow. Overall, I’d say it has been the most exciting experience I’ve had in a long time.

Sweet! What would you say has been the most difficult challenge so far?

Mr Demola: Well..there is distance and time. We have both been in different states since the beginning and that makes it impossible to be together in the same space therefore making it quite difficult to go out on dates and create  memories together. 

The whole COVID thing even compounded the issue as neither of us could travel to where the other person was. Although, since the lifting of ban, we’ve seen quite often especially when my work takes me out of town to where she is or somewhere close. We’ve been able to make use of the little time we spend together to create memories and we are sure looking forward to many more times together.

Time has really been a challenge especially on my part because I close late from work and get home very late most times. So this kinda hinders our communication during the day and sometimes weekends. 

Although, we try to keep in touch even when we are both at work but it could be better. There are times she sends messages during the day and I would be unavailable to respond to them until very late at night. Yes, so distance and time have been the most difficult challenges so far.

How do you manage to keep the spice going?

Mr Demola: In as much as I would say we both understand each other’s schedule and we are consciously putting efforts into this relationship, it’s actually the little things that ginger us most. 

The surprise lunch, gifts, love notes, etc have contributed to the success thus far. The gestures are really amazing. You know when you genuinely like someone and would do anything in your power to make things happen for that person, that’s us. 

We both look out for the best in each other and always support ourselves regardless of how feasible or not a task or challenge is ?. 

My partner is an amazing person that you’d always be happy to have in your life and I’m also trying my best to be that person to her. That has been our drive and we thank God for where we are today. ☺️☺️

Also, words and actions of reassurance are major ingredients to how we’ve been able to keep our relationship afloat.

Be honest, have you ever felt bored or tired? If yes, how did you deal with it. 

Mr Demola: I have been an introvert for a long time, I guess it’s normal to feel like going back to being alone or maybe taking a break. But, I’ve realized that relationships are not one way trips, so I have to show up for it to work out.

I’ve witnessed firsthand a relationship where one of the partners got tired and handled it poorly, the aftermath was very messy.

For me, thinking about what we’ve been able to achieve despite the challenges is enough motivation to deal with boredom. Besides, I can’t get tired of my baby cos she’s so much fun and very interesting.

Looking at those who have been together for so long, I’m sure at some points they’ve also had that feeling but had to deal with it cos in all honesty, it can’t be rosy all the time. It’s a normal phase and we have to deal with it too. 

Your most beautiful memories/ experience together?

Mr Demola: There are quite a lot but top of my head would have to be the first day we met after weeks of chatting online and on the phone. The meeting wasn’t so long because we both had things to attend to that day, it was like 30 minutes but that moment was special and one of my favorite videos of us was from that day. 

Some other really beautiful memories are times when we both help each other out with tasks and when we make fun of ourselves. 

Then most importantly for me are days when we both have to get things off our chest (could be work, life, worries and all). Those moments are usually special because we get to understand each other’s mental state and help in whatever way possible to help relieve the stress as a result. I’m however sure that much more beautiful memories would be created soon. 

In your opinion, would you say long distance relationships are difficult or easy?

Mr Demola: It’s a mix of both actually. It’s easy if you both want it to be; you both know you won’t see each other as often so it’s best to make maximum use of the time you spend together whether online or in the same space. 

You have to maintain constant communication and if possible do video calls and send as many pictures as you can. Doing this would help lessen the challenge of being apart but not entirely though. 

It can be difficult in a case whereby your love language is quality time or physical touch. It could also be difficult if there isn’t enough communication, words and action of assurance. 

It’s therefore important that for couples in long distance relationships, there is a balance and you would have to compensate for the distance in some other ways.

Great, can you give us a brief description of your “miss right”? 

Mr Demola: My baby ?. Lol. I don’t want to start listing qualities like older generations but what I can say is that she is a lady who loves herself and loves others as her own. Other things can follow. 

Omooooo, love is sweet ooo! Would you advise someone to be in a long distance relationship? 

Mr Demola: If you can, go for it. 

Lowkey, it could be a test of your loyalty..lol but if after a while you see that it’s not working for you, discuss it with your partner so that you are both on the same page.

Guys! We’ve come to the end of the interview. 

Oh my gosh, I can’t stop awwwing. 

Did you enjoy it? Drop your commentsssss!!! 

See you all in the next episode. 

Lots of love, 



33 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship.

  1. This Mr Demola’s love is strong gan o! I envy it. May Allah keep them both together forever.
    I actually needed to see this because I’m also planning on starting on long distant relationship too. May Allah make it easy for us all.

  2. Great piece. Currently in a long distance relationship and I’ll say that loyalty, communication and words of assurance keeps us going, it’s difficult but for two people who know exactly what they want in each other.

  3. Long Distance relationship could be difficult and easy.,depends on how you want it… I’ve been in one for more than 18 months now. We thank God

  4. Amazing Interview, thanks Noble?
    we’d love to see more of this, possibly Mr Demola’s queen one of these days ?

  5. Ahhhnnnn
    I kept smiling reading through this interview?.

    God when ohhhhh?
    Mr Demola and his babe are lucky to have each other ?

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