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Rayo’s Weight Loss Journey.

I know it’s been 3 weeks since my last blog post but omoooo the past weeks have been hectic. I never knew a time would come when I’d have to SQUEEZE out time for my blog. 

All in all, alhamdulillah! 

I prayed for this phase yh, my cousin called it “booked and busy” lol ? .. So in today’s episode of Gist With Noble, we have Ms Rayo sharing her weight loss journey with us ????

What inspired your weight loss journey?

 Rayo: Actually a friend… So basically, majority of my friends are way slimmer and it was just me and one of my other friend that was on the bigger size, then I saw her after like 6 months, she looked great so I was motivated.

 Oh nice, so did you follow her own routine or you sourced for information yourself? 

Rayo: I sourced for myself,  a lot of time especially in weight loss, people always ask what others did to get results but forget everyone has different body type and metabolism..

Because someone lost 20kg in 5months doesn’t mean your body will allow you too.

 Hmmm so it’s actually about everyone’s body type and metabolism, I see. How long have you been on this fit fam journey?

Rayo: Since February.

What did you stop doing? What things did you start doing?

Rayo: I started eating in portions i.e.portion control,I stopped taking carbonated drinks(you shouldn’t even want to lose weight before you stop doing this) and drank more of ice tea. I also stopped eating junk food until I got a way around it!

What way?

Rayo:  At that point, I was eating more than what my body needed. So, say your body needs 2000 calories daily to function,but you eat 3500-4000 calories, your body stores the rest as fat. 

Especially if there is no means of exercise to sweat them out.

Please how will I know the amount of calories my body needs?

Rayo:There are a lot of websites that do this( there is also a formula). 

Asides portion control for your food, what else would you say worked for you?

Rayo: Exercising but I won’t even lie and say I exercised everyday. I literally went to the gym 6 times in a month when I first started, but I plan on going back now sha, I think I’m disciplined enough.

What was your weight in kg before and what do you weigh now?

Rayo: Starting was 85, currently 63.5

Mad oooooo, so how do you feel about your body now? 

Rayo: I am a bit more confident now, it wasn’t as if I hated my body or something before I started… I mean, I literally started because I didn’t want to be the bigger person among my friends. But my perspective has changed, it is more about being healthy and staying healthy. During the period I started, I found out my BMI was about 32, which was overweight and shifting to obese. That alone made my perspective change.

Nice nice, can you share few tips for people trying to lose weight? 

Rayo: Anything can inspire you but ask yourself, is your inspiration enough to keep or make what you’re doing longterm? If you are trying to lose weight, I’d advise that you just take it slow and be honest with yourself.

Oh, I see..

Rayo: btw, I am doing consultation oh

Consultation? As in you go to the hospital? I’m confused

Rayo: Lmaoooo.. No??, one on one consultation for people that want to lose weight.

Ohhhh that, how can they reach you? 

Rayo: https://calendly.com/rayoailara/15min

I’m doing it free for now ,one on one consultation for people who want to lose weight but don’t know where to start.

So we’ve come to the end of today’s episode of Gist With Noble. 

Did you enjoy it? Drop your contributions in the comment section guysss!!

Till I come your way next time, 

Lots of love, 



11 thoughts on “Rayo’s Weight Loss Journey.

  1. Great piece! Thanks for sharing your experience, Rayo.

    I won’t be going to the gym soon ?, but my takeaway is the line: “is your inspiration enough to make what you’re doing long term?”

    I think that can be applied to all aspects of life

  2. She has actually said the truth about weight loss, it’s actually 70% of what you eat and 30% of exercise that contributes very well to weight loss, I’ve been on and off cos of time but I hope I get more stable soon so I can continue. I’m actually not that plus size and I’m not slim either, just one chubby girl?
    But I love a healthy living.

  3. After reading this, I went trough every content you have posted, I must say your blog is amazing filled with inspiration and very educative. Thank you !

  4. Way to go. I’m an NO CARBONATED DRINKS advocate too so I totally loved this piece and related with it. 11 months without soda by the way, replaced with water and juice, and my skin is looking way better.

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