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5 Months Felt Like 5 Years

Oh my God, I missed blogging! 

I missed writing without “rules”!! 

I missed you!!! 

It’s been 5 whole months since I published a blog post, can I still say happy new year?

Lol, it’s been 5 months of self discovery, stepping out of my comfort zone, sending loads of applications day in day out, waking up to rejection mails, getting good offers, turning down the not so good offers, bruhhhh it’s been 5 months that truly felt like 5 years. 

Every Saturday, I feel guilty for not putting up a blog post. I get different messages asking “what’s up with your blog?”, “why have you not been posting?”… This one, that one. 

This blog means so much to me ngl and everytime I go for an interview and I tell them I have a blog, they ask for the link and their expression and remarks light up my world. I promise to keep putting the effort even on days when I feel like I am exhausted, I’d always show up! 

Guess what? Guess guess guess! 

I have a YouTube channel now, a very unconventional one lol. It’s really not the regular, it’s basically just me documenting the fun moments of my life. Someday I’d look back at those videos and smile, I would even show my kids, gosshhh I’m such a sucker for exciting moments. 

Okay so the Gist With Noble is back and here is the deal, I’d publish a new blog post fortnightly. We’d have different guests featured on the blog and learn about things happening in different spheres of life. I have a long list of content ideas so this is going to be a great adventure! 

Sending you lots of love my dear reader, watch out for my next blog post and tell your family and friends about my blog and YouTube channel. 

For enquiries and collaboration, feel free to send me an email : noblethelady900@gmail.com

Till I come your way next time,




12 thoughts on “5 Months Felt Like 5 Years

  1. Yaaaayyyyyy???, can’t wait. I love gistsssss. Leggooooooo. Please, don’t disappoint us again?

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