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Dear Reader.

Hi, yeah it’s me. 

Been a while!

 I missed being Noble The Lady, did you miss me? 

If you’re an existing reader I’m sure you must be wondering what happened to all my previous blog posts. Oh yeah, it took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I’m starting afresh too. 

So here’s the summary; the hosting and domain of my blog expired and I was so lackadaisical at that point in time, you’d agree with me that I’ve been very very inconsistent. Honestly, I don’t mean to be inconsistent but sometimes when life gets at me I tend to just sulk and it affects my productivity( content creation especially). My last blog post before my former domain lazzdent was Growing Through What You Go Through, so here I am doing what I love doing irrespective of what life throws my way.

If this is your first time of coming across this platform, I welcome you into my humble abode. On this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences on matters relating to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I promise to be consistent this time, I know how heartbroken I was when I couldn’t access my previous blog posts; more like a treasure that I’ve kept for two years went vanishing! 

What do Yorubas say about the King’s palace that got burnt? It comes back much more beautiful! So stay tuned and follow me on this journey of growing and glowing. Safe to say we’re going to be making lemonades out of lemons that life throws at us, so shall we? 

You could scroll down to the About Me page to know a little about me. 

Stay safe!

Lots of love, 



73 thoughts on “Dear Reader.

      1. I love your vibe. I’m enthusiastic to know new things and learn more about life in general. Let’s get started momma.

  1. The best thing is to always make lemonades out of the lemon that life throws at us, because the truth is that life isn’t fair and we’ll always have one thing or the other to deal with in different spheres of life. I’m glad you’re back now.
    Light and love ❤

  2. Welcome back baby girl!!! Let’s start making this lemonade ASAP ? we are here for all your gists

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