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Grow through what you go through.

I put up a blog post on my former blog before the domain expired few months back and every time I’m in my feelings and overwhelmed by the things happening around, I go back to the post and heave a sigh of relief. So I’m publishing it here because I wrote it from the depth of my heart and hopefully someone would come across this and feel much better about life. 

“Sometimes in life certain unexpected things happen to us, things that could be so heart-breaking and disastrous. Things that we tag our “worst nightmare”, things that could even make us give up all our dreams and aspirations because we feel like we can never come out of situations like that sane. You feel me? 

I’m writing this piece to you my dear reader, please do not give up on life, please don’t abandon all your dreams, please close your eyes and take a long deep breath. Oh you can breathe yh, you are alive yh, trust me there is light at the end of that tunnel. That thing that broke/ still breaking your heart will make you stronger than you ever imagined, so please do not let it consume you. Fuel your energy, grow out of that phase and shine bright like a diamond that you are. 

I wake up every day and fight all my struggles, my worries, my fears and my cynicism. I tell myself from time to time that Allah wouldn’t place a burden greater than I can bear on me, I remind myself day in day out that with every hardship comes ease and that when there is life there is hope. All the hurdles that I overcame, all the battles that I won, all the excruciating pain that I felt deep in my chest, I’ve healed from some and I’m still healing from others. It took time, oh yes it did! Good things take time, don’t they? I chant to myself that I’m a star girl and I shall not dim my light because things aren’t going as I’ve planned. 

I want you oh yes you my darling, to come out of whatever it is that you are going through stronger than you’ve ever imagined. I want you to have strong faith in God and trust him to grant all your heart desires. I want you to go ahead, break boundaries and flourish without holding back because you deserve all the good things in life and you shouldn’t let challenges in life break you. 

I’ve realised that at every point in this life, there is always one thing or the other that seems imperfect and the longer time you take brooding over it, the more overwhelming it becomes. 

So why not live every moment of your life like it’s your last? 

Why not trust God and have faith in him?

Why don’t you allow God take charge and see how things work out well for your own good? 

Why not GROW through that which you are GOING through? 

Why, my darling why?”  

Close your eyes, 

Breathe in,

Breathe out. 

Now go forth and shine bright like a diamond that you are!

Lots of love, 



28 thoughts on “Grow through what you go through.

  1. for each of us to get past those worries, rejection or whatsoever, you should learn how to live in the present, future days will take care of itself.

  2. This came at the exact right time, going through heartbreaks and every other thing not going right at the moment. Well done ❤️❤️

  3. It take a very brave heart to encourage people….thanks queen that ave lion heart….keep soaring high….greater and bigger you I pray

  4. It’s feels so good to know I’m not in this alone ??the thoughts of all these is so overwhelming and I always ask…How can I get it right but Thank you for this piece, I did smile?

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